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Apple Mail configuration

Configuration of an Exchange mailbox (EWS) for Apple Mail version 11.2:

Select "Exchange" as the type of mailbox to connect.

Here, enter the required details for your mailbox. For the e-mail address, we recommend using the form "<ETH username>". It does not matter if this is not your main e-mail address. When configuring the mailbox, this address is merely used for the connection to the mail server. Following the successful configuration, your main address will always be used for sending your e-mails from the device.

In addition to e-mail, Apple Mail can also connect the "Contacts", "Calendars", "Reminders" and "Notes" directly to the mail server on the basis of the details entered.

In this way, these services can also be managed directly on the central mail server.

Click "Done" to open your mailbox in Apple Mail.

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