PaperCut Mobility Print integrates a printer directly into the OS or mobile applications.

Printing documents on the mobile device is similar to printing on laptops and desktops.

For mobile operating systems (such as iOS, iPadOS and Android), we provide the printer installation of "card-mobile" (Follow-Me-Printing).

In order for Mobileprint to work, you must be on the ETH network, which means either directly on ETH Wifi or connected via VPN.


Please contact us via SmartDesk, Email  or by phone +41 44 632 77 77

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Open the link in the browser and install the app:

Tap the button below to download your Mobility Print profile.

Tap the "Allow" button so that the Mobility Print profile can be downloaded.

Close the window with "Close".

Install profile

Open the iOS settings

Then either:

  • Tap on Profile downloaded > Install


  • Tap General > Profile > PaperCut Mobility Print for iOS > Install

Enter your device password
Confirm with "Install".
Complete the installation with "Done".

To print from a web page, or application, you must click on the extension icon. 

Select "Print"

Select the "card-mobile" printer and go back to the printer options

When you select the printer for the first time, you will be asked for your ETH user name and password.
Enter your login as follows: d\yourETHusername.

In the printer options you have the possibility to make additional adjustments.
You can choose between colour or black and white printing, single-sided or double-sided.

Complete the printing process with "Print".

Your print job has now been transferred to the printer queue "card-mobile".

Your print job can now be printed at all ETH multifunction devices, ETH-wide.

All you have to do is log on to an MFG with your ETH card.


We have noticed that PaperCut Mobility Print has problems with the automatic paper tray control on Android devices and cannot convert landscape and portrait formats correctly in some cases.
We therefore recommend that you continue to use Webprint for Android devices. → Printing via Webprint

Open link in browser and install app. (Opening with incognito tab may cause problems):

(To change an already installed Papercut printer, open links from with Mobile Printing).

Press 'Install'.

Mobility Print is installed.

Press the Home button '○' to release the screen.

For example, open an image in the gallery.

Print in the ... menu "Select".

Select printer "card-mobile" and start printing with the printer symbol.

Warning message on first time.

Click on the message for authentication.

Log in with ETH user name and password.

Confirm that the job has been sent.

The print job can now be initiated with the ETH card at any ETH multifuction devices.

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