Since RDSnx is a shared infrastructure and used by multiple departments there are some rules/guidelines which users should pay attention to. 


Although there are a lot of resources available on RDSnx, they are meant to be shared. So if you run programs please make sure that they don't use up all resources they can get. For example if you run a script which automatically takes advantage of all available CPU and RAM resources it can slow things down considerably for other users. Thus providing a slow/bad experience and prohibits them to work properly. So if you can please make sure you adjust your scripts to prevent this, you are allowed to take a lot of resources but not a 100% of them. We usually recommend scaling it down to about 75% of what's available.

There are also tools in place which dynamically reallocated resources so it's balanced. But this doesn't always work properly so treating the system as a shared one is always a good thing.

If you have a program which can't be adjusted to use less resources, you can also run it over night, so there's not to much impact on others experiences.

Matlab Usage

Matlab is know to hog all resources available very quickly and can slow down a system considerably. That's why we have dedicated Matlab Server (rdsnx_matlab_servers) in place. So if you do heavy Matlab stuff, please use these dedicated servers, and you can put the pedal to the metal without a problem.


Note: It's allowed to save data locally on a server's (c:) hard drive. But this is not permanent storage, some applications might benefit from locally saved data and provide faster calculations because of that. So you can save files locally but only temporarily, you have to be aware that this data is not backed up and can be purged at any time.

If you use local storage for temporary files, please make sure to not use up all the available space. A full hard drive can make a system unusable very quickly and also others might also need space on the local drive. 

If too much space is used by a single users the data can be delete without warning!

Automatic Logout Due to 72h Inactivity

Sessions that are not reconnected to within a 72 hour period will automatically be logged out regardless of activity. This is due to the fact that users may utilize a large amount (200GB RAM as a concrete example) of resources  by leaving a program open, but they actually no longer use the application. Windows has no ability to distinguish if an app is used or not so this limit is imposed.

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